7th-grader inspired by 'Hidden Figures' raises money to take 100 girls to see film

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville seventh-grader raised over $15,000 to take a hundred girls to see the new movie "Hidden Figures" on Saturday.

The movie details the untold story of three black women who helped provide the brainpower behind one of NASA's greatest achievements – landing men on the moon.

The organizer, 13-year-old Taylor Richardson, said she saw the movie at a screening in Washington, D.C., and was inspired to bring girls back home to see the film.

“I was so amazed,” Taylor said. “I didn't know about these women at all. So when I saw this movie, I was like, ‘Everybody should see this movie.”’

Taylor raised the money needed to purchase 100 tickets and invited girls from all backgrounds to join the viewing. She said she hopes they will understand that they, too, can be pioneers.

“We invited a hundred girls to come see Hidden Figures and be inspired by what these women did and hopefully will follow their dreams knowing these women could do what they did,” Taylor said.

Like most who joined the viewing, Angela Zabrin hadn’t heard of the women in the film. 

“It makes me feel very good that women got so far with this,” Zabrin said. “I'm very happy about it.”

Adults like Dania Frink also saw the movie for the first time, supporting Taylor's push to inspire others, and hoping Saturday's movie screening sparks more positivity in the community.

“Makes me proud to be living here to see young people like Taylor -- young leaders,” Frink said.

Taylor said she's planning to get some rest before her next venture, but she said she wants to continue inspiring young girls to believe they can do whatever men can do.