In the professional world, people talk. Especially women. Lunch is a time where serious professionals build relationships and share ideas, not gossip. The GEMS Camp uses power lunches to teach urban girls this principle while exposing them to successful STEM career women. Our Power Lunch Speakers represent leading organizations such as Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences, Texas Instruments, Dallas Independent School District, and Microsoft to name a few.

If you enjoy sharing your career story with young audiences, become a part of our 5K Speaker’s Bureau Program. Our Power Lunch Speakers are the gemstone for exposing our girls to the thousands of options in STEM careers. With your help, our gems get the awesome privilege to:

  • Learn from experts in the field
  • Enhance critical thinking
  • Identify and analyze contemporary issues
  • Increase math and science literacy
  • Connect to real-world applications
  • Heighten their interest in STEM