No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.
— Michelle Obama

Why The GEMS Camp?

For starters, summertime presents the challenge of summer learning loss for many students, but also a time of great potential to reverse these losses by engaging girls in exciting ways that look and feel very different from learning during the school year. Girls who lack stimulating and substantial summer experiences are likely to lose up to three months of learning from the previous school year. Because of differences in families' resources, the impact of the problem is greatest for girls in low-income communities, compared with those in affluent communities1.

High-quality summer learning programs, such as The GEMS Camp, have shown not only to improve reading and math skills but to offer a unique and multi-faceted opportunity to maintain and build core skills in math and literacy during the high-risk summer months. At The GEMS Camp girls are engaged in hands-on, inquiry-based learning that motivates students by immersing them in activities with real-world application.

A summer at The GEMS Camp gives girls the opportunity and recognize the value of preparing for a STEM career. GEMS girls discover new ideas, better understand the world they live in and the world around them, the joy of learning using scientific method, logic and both deductive and inductive reasoning. By ensuring that our STEM program is hands-on, rigorous, and fun, we foster students' natural curiosity and stimulate them to create their own questions and problems, in addition to solutions.